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  • to provide support with English language learning
  • to respect the students right to privacy and maintain confidentiality
  • to allocate up to 1 hour once a week for a 6 month period or longer
  • to conduct the tutoring on a volunteer basis
  • to carry out volunteer work as specified in the Home Tutor Volunteer Job Description
  • to report any problems, issues or concerns to the Home Tutor Scheme Officer or Co-ordinator
  • to contact the student and arrange an alternative time and day if unable to attend a tutoring appointment
  • to report to the Home Tutor Scheme Officer when your student wishes to withdraw from the scheme
  • to report on the 1st and 15th of each month via Tutor Activity Records (TARs) to the Home Tutor Scheme Officer
  • to participate in follow-up professional development workshops that are relevant to the student's learning needs
  • to have comprehensive car insurance policy if transporting a student in a car and an understanding that Melbourne Polytechnic offers no insurance for tutor or student in the case of a car accident
  • to report to the Home Tutor Scheme Officer if you wish to withdraw, after first having informed your student

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