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Provide local experience to an AMEP student with global skills

English for the workplace (SLPET)

Many migrants and refugees arrive in Australia with international experience, transferable skills, qualifications and often a trade from their home country. With the English for the workplace program, we want to connect students with employers from a broad range of industries, to provide mutually beneficial relationships and work outcomes.

Employers benefit from participating in the program by

  • gaining access to a multiskilled workforce
  • connecting to extensive networks across the settlement community
  • contributing to building a stronger more inclusive Australian society

Students are also empowered through the program by

  • building networks for future employment
  • improving their communication skills for the workplace
  • strengthening job-seeking skills
  • understanding Australian work culture and processes
  • undertaking a work placement
Everyone benefits “The employer gains the expertise of the participant and the participant builds confidence, new skills and optimism to set them on their journey to finding meaningful and relevant work.”
Cathy Toner - City of Whittlesea

What’s involved?

Work placements
Give a student the chance to experience an Australian workplace through a two-week work placement, an essential ‘first step’ towards entering the workforce.

Offer an internship. Many young migrants and refugees are enthusiastic, talented and skilled at learning on the job. An internship gives them the opportunity to play to their strengths.

Volunteer Tutor Scheme
Do you have employees who are keen to give back to the community? The Volunteer Tutor Scheme (VTS) provides newly arrived refugees and migrants with 1- 2 hours per week of English tutoring from a trained volunteer tutor. It’s a great opportunity to get to know different cultures, and no qualifications or prior experience is needed!

Industry Experts
Share your expertise in any of our employment-focused forums. As a representative of your industry or organisation, we give you the opportunity to impart your workplace knowledge to potential employees.

Our Partners
We partner with a wide range of organisations from local city councils to community groups and small businesses that find valuable, positive solutions for sourcing and supporting new talent in Australia.

One of the great things around a diverse culture is bringing a different set of thinking to improve where we are at today, to where we want to get to tomorrow…
Glen Stewart - Melbourne Water

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