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AMEP provides FREE English language tuition to help you settle in Australia

You can choose to study full-time, part-time, day or evening at an AMEP centre near you. 

Migrants can now stay in the program longer and the previous 510 hour cap has been removed. People who were previously not eligible may now be eligible.

Learning English can help you settle into your new life in Australia, and help you look for work and make friends. You will 

  • improve your English language
  • learn skills to help you live in Australia
  • learn about Australian culture
  • learn English for working in Australia

We have a number of different courses to help you settle into Australia. Your AMEP Centre (where you have your classes) will help you decide which course is best for you.

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English for Youth

Melbourne AMEP Youth Classes are for newly arrived young people between 16 and 25 years old who want to:

  • improve English language skills
  • meet other young people in a similar situation
  • take steps into further study and work

Join a Youth Class

For more information about the youth program.

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Volunteer Tutor Scheme

To improve your English you can receive extra support from a Melbourne AMEP volunteer tutor. Tutors can help you practice English one to one

  • remotely via phone or a digital platform
  • at the local library
  • before or after AMEP classes at your AMEP centre

Get extra support from a Volunteer 

To refer a student for the Volunteer Tutor Scheme program.

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English for the Workplace 

If you need extra English and work experience to get a job in Australia, the English for the Workplace course could help you.

Prepare for work

Find out if you are eligible for English for the workplace.


Other Services 

Flexible Study Options 

Choose a study option that suits you. This might include;

  • Studying with an AMEP volunteer tutor  
  • Distance Learning 


When you are in an AMEP class, free childcare is available for children who are under school age.

Pathways Guidance

Your AMEP centre will provide you with Pathways Guidance. Pathways Guidance includes advice on further study options and job opportunities. 


During your course, you will also take part in lots of activities to help you settle successfully in Australia. This includes joining fun social outings, and mixing with people who are also new to Australia. 

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I was isolated but now I’m in the AMEP I have an opportunity to connect with people, improve my communication skills, and build confidence.
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