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Volunteers are vital to helping eligible migrants and refugees practise English, learn about the Australian way of life and connect to the local community. This provides them with a strong foundation to successfully integrate into Australian society. 

As a volunteer, you will be fully supported and get the opportunity to

  • help new Australians learn English and settle into the Australian community
  • meet new people from a wide range of backgrounds, including students and other staff members
  • develop new skills
  • learn about other languages and cultures
  • become part of a dynamic and committed volunteer team

You don’t need to speak another language or be be a teacher.

What does a Volunteer Tutor do? 

On completion of the training you will be matched with a Melbourne AMEP student who you will tutor one on one for 1-2 hours a week.

Contact with the student will be either face to face or via digital and mobile phone platforms such as FaceTime and WhatsApp video calls. 

You will be provided with additional training and ongoing support from the Volunteer Tutor Scheme (VTS) Team throughout your involvement.

AMEP student working with her Volunteer Tutor online
My name is Rebecca and I became a volunteer tutor about a year and a half ago. My journey began with me wanting to help migrants and refugees to feel at home in Australia.
Melbourne AMEP volunteer - Rebecca

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AMEP student working with her Volunteer Tutor in the library
Exhilarated! That’s how I felt as I left the Zoom meeting and the Conversation Club wrapped up! It was great meeting/seeing so many people so eager to learn English.
Melbourne AMEP Volunteer - Conversation Club

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