Volunteer Tutor Scheme - Student Referral

Volunteer Tutor Scheme - Student Referral

Volunteer Tutor Referral Form

To refer a client or self–refer to the Volunteer Tutor Scheme please complete this referral form, answering all required fields and click the submit button at the bottom. Your referral will be processed. The Volunteer Tutor Scheme Team will be in touch with the AMEP learner to assign a volunteer tutor.

The VTS is a service within the AMEP, therefore clients must be registered in the AMEP first.

To do this go to your nearest Melbourne AMEP provider to register.


Volunteer Tutor Scheme - Student Referral


A student must be aware of their rights and responsibilities in the VTS program and this should be clearly communicated to the student at the time of referral. Please use an interpreter if needed.

The 4 key messages are

1) A student must be willing to meet with their tutor EACH week for at least 1 hour at a mutually convenient location. This hour is deducted from AMEP hours. 2) A student should be made aware that a tutor is volunteering their time and is trained to support their English language needs predominantly. 3) A student must inform their tutor if they cannot attend a session 24 hours beforehand. 4) A student must inform the tutor of any change of circumstance i.e. address, contact details, availability.

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